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A Note from Cassie: 5 Steps to Managing Mental Health During These Unprecedented Times

I wanted to take this time to check in with clients and let you know that I am continuing to book appointments through our secure and easy to use telehealth portal. Many of my clients have found it very useful to continue their check-ins and have additional support during this stressful time. Additionally, here are five tips to manage mental health during these unprecedented times:

  1. Establish a routine: building consistent schedules helps to feel more in control and adds predictability to an uncertain situation

  2. Connect with positive supports in your life: whether it be family or an old friend, it is important to use the technology we have available to maintain social connection during this time

  3. Identify one positive activity: from exercise to reading to crafting (and everything in between), it is important to have at least one activity that provides joy and fulfillment

  4. Take breaks: this time brings unique emotional and physical stress which is why it is important to take breaks (social media, screen time, work, etc.)

  5. Lastly, remember: this is temporary

I’m looking forward to hearing from you and moving back into the office as soon as possible!

Cassie Len



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