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Change your story: Getting through difficult times.

Life has been turned upside down. Now, what do you do?

Embrace the changes with acceptance. Try setting the intention for the day, "I will move throughout the day with love and acceptance."

If emotion is preventing you from acceptance of the situation, take some time to think about what emotion is preventing acceptance. Is it fear? Is it anger?

Be curious about the emotion blocking acceptance without judging yourself? Why are you feeling so much fear? Maybe you feel like you will lose your job and your family will suffer the consequences. Worrying about things you cannot control at this point will not help.

Stay in today. Ask yourself what you can do today to feel better? Take that walk you always wished you could go on, spend time with the kids, clean the cabinet, paint the living room...

Make a gratitude list. Right now, write down the things you are grateful for.

Change your story. You are not part of an oppressed society mandated to stay in the house. You are part of a revolutionary system designed with the forethought of all our neighbors looking out for the greater good. You are part of the solution. Just do your part and stay away from people.

Find a way to help. Post happy pictures, leave a card in someone's mailbox, give away a roll of your hoarded toilet paper. Do something to make someone feel loved.

Watch the language you use. Don't allow yourself to fall down the rabbit hole of complaining. Do not let yourself join in with complaining. This changes your mood and decreases your energy. Be solution-focused.

Be mindful of your thoughts. Thoughts become emotions, emotions become behaviors, behaviors shape relationships, relationships determine survival. Loneliness is one of the most dangerous emotions for all mammals.

Bad times end. Remember, this too shall pass.

Karen Peabody, LICSW is a therapist and business consultant for social workers and therapists interested in starting their private practice. She founded Forgewell Solutions in East Bridgewater, MA. Her office is a great place to start a private practice. Visit her FOR THERAPISTS page to learn more.


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