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Listen up! Take Our Listening Skills Test

Calling all listeners, are you as good as you think? If you want to brush up on listening and test your knowledge give yourself a point for every yes you get.


  1. I engage with mindful intention to remain focused on the conversation while someone is speaking.

  2. I make sure people are finished with a thought before I speak.

  3. I ask clarifying questions.

  4. I summarize points that were made.

  5. I let go of the topic when the conversation moves on.

  6. I engage in non-verbal behaviors such as head nodding or smiling.

  7. I engage in open communication.

So the higher the number the more polished your skills. Test out these tricks and see if you can create deeper, more meaningful conversations!

Karen Peabody, LICSW is a therapist and business consultant for social workers and therapists interested in starting their private practice. She founded Forgewell Solutions in 2013 in East Bridgewater, MA and created Supervision Circles in 2020. Her office is a great place to start a private practice. Visit her FOR THERAPISTS page to learn more.


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