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News: Our Growing Practice

Hello, Wonderful People!

You may have noticed some changes to our office. Thank you for your patience during remodeling. As we were finishing up construction, life presented a great opportunity and we went for it. Forgewell Solutions bought the space next door to our current office, allowing us to double our offices. We will continue to use the same waiting room for both spaces and hope to make changes to allow them to flow more seamlessly in the future. We are very excited to have the new offices allowing us room for talented new therapists!

In other news, we wanted to clarify that we have two handicap spaces close to our building. One is directly in front of the walkway, and the second space is running down the side of the building. There are a few other handicap spaces in the center of the lot and along the back fence as well. With pending snow in the coming months, we ask that clients who do not need handicap spaces use the back of the parking lot.

With that business taken care of... let's talk about some fun stuff. Linda Dunphy is running a Mindfulness Group on Friday mornings. Also, Cassie Len is joining us on Fridays. She specializes in marriage and family therapy. Please contact the office if you would like more information. We also invite you to visit our new website! is packed with information and a new blog for clients as well as therapists. All of our therapists are featured on our site allowing you to become more familiar with the Forgewell Solutions crew.

Please join our mailing list for articles about mental health, mindfulness, healthy habits, and coping skills. Additionally, if there are any topics you would like more information about you can contact us and we will write an article for you!

Thank you for your continued support. We feel truly blessed that we can join you on your journey.


Forgewell Solutions Staff


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