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Pain can be a transition to love.

In therapy, people are eager to be heard. They want to tell their story and they want rapid solutions. The desire to remove the pain fuels their attentiveness. However, pain is part of their story. It can not be erased. We learn to live around pain, create more spaces of awareness, and develop tools of tolerance. We can encase pain with a barrier, allowing pain to smooth out, to soften, and dull. Pain can be absorbed to create a deeper understanding and empathy. Pain can be the transition to love. It is not the pain that needs to be removed, it is the space around the pain that needs to be expanded.

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Karen Peabody, LICSW is a therapist and business consultant for social workers and therapists interested in starting their private practice. She founded Forgewell Solutions in 2013 in East Bridgewater, MA and created Supervision Circles in 2020. Her office is a great place to start a private practice. Visit her FOR THERAPISTS page to learn more.


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